PhoneGuitarTab is guitar tablature viewer for Windows Phone devices. Provides search/download tabs engine using and Current marketplace release supports text tab and guitar pro formats. Skydrive synchronization functionality allows you to download/upload tabs from/to your cloud folder.

Our mission is to promote the best guitar tablature application on Windows Phone platform. We believe making it free will inspire more people to learn how to play their  favorite songs and learn new ones.

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Release 3.3 (Mar 22, 2014)

  • SoundCloud integration: now you can stream the songs.
  • Search by band name and song name (band, song) option added.
  • Auto-scroll speed is decreased.
  • Multiselect for tab deletion
  • UI improvements.

Release 3.2 (Feb 22, 2014)

  • Improved UX in Search Page
  • Added drum tabs to the search criteria.
  • UI improvements.
  • General bug fixes.

Release 3.1 (Feb 13, 2014)

  • BugFix for recent update
  • Added fatal error handling logic

Release 3.0 (Jan 29, 2014)

  • SkyDrive integration: Now you can get all your custom tabs to your phone and upload existing tabs to your skydrive.
  • Autoscroll: You don't need to scroll the tabs down manually - let autoscroll do the tab scrolling for you.
  • Tab pinning: Pin your favourite tabs that will give you quick access to the tabs and enjoy the flip tiles with album covers.
  • Improved Instrument selection and UI for Guitar Pro view.
  • General UI improvements.

Release 2.0 (Nov 3, 2013)

  • Simple Guitar Pro support (gp3, gp4, gp5, gpx) and musicXml.
  • Internal architecture changes (code refactoring).

Release 1.1 (Jul 11, 2013)

  • Improved UX.
  • Simplified navigation.

Release 1.0 (Nov 10, 2011)

  • Text tab search.
  • Text tab downloading.
  • Text tabviewing.
  • Auto downloading of group information from lastfm.

 Release 0.1 (May 3, 2011)

  • Initial version

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